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Westervelt College

Westervelt College is one of the oldest colleges in Canada, opening its doors in 1885. Known for their small class sizes, personal education, and close-knit campus community, Westervelt approached reux creative for an innovative way to attract new students across all marketing platforms. We created an integrated marketing strategy that combined TV commercials, radio ads, social media content (photo and video), and print collateral to help drive registrations at all 4 campuses.

An integrated campaign using real testimonials.

Making the leap to post secondary education is a big decision and investment (both time and money) for any student, regardless of their age. We knew we wanted to focus on Westervelt’s strengths in the messaging for the campaign, but at the same time coming from unscripted testimonials from real graduates. Having a diverse target audience of high school grads and mature students, we knew the testimonial subjects we chose needed to represent that. Finally, it was important to that we keep the ‘small knit feel’ and personal connection in the messaging tagline; let’s write your story.




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  Social Media Marketing

  Graphic Design

  Marketing Strategy

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