Power of Connections

Canadian Blood Services

Canadian Blood Services (CBS) is about the power of connections. From blood and stem cells to organs and plasma, they truly are “Canada’s Lifeline”. After 20 years of helping Canadians, the CBS team came to reux for help launching a new brand, logo, and identity. We created a multi-video campaign to raise awareness through real stories of all the products needed in Canada’s Lifeline.

Personal stories through video to launch a new brand.

Canada is a diverse country - as are the needs of Canadians. We knew reux had to create a video series that represented a variety of ages, genders, and ethnicities while showing the diversity of products that Canadian Blood Services manages. We chose to share stories of real donors and recipients to better connect with the audience. Finally, we tied them all together with a common message of joining Canada’s Lifeline.


  Campaign Development & Optimization


  Social Media Content Creation

  Graphic Design

  Pay Per Click Advertising

  Social Media Advertising

  Video Production


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